Our Building Surveying Services

Party Wall Awards

We can act on your behalf for party wall matters, if you have received a party wall notice and would like us to manage the process on your behalf we are here to help. You may require a party wall award before you carry out your construction works. Tact Consultants can identify and serve the correct notices in line with Party Wall etc. Act 1996. We will inspect the building and record a schedule of condition and agree a party wall award to allow the construction works to proceed.

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Building surveys

We provide home buyer reports to provide you insight into your new purchase. We provide building surveys that go into depth so you better understand the nature of any defects and the remedial works required. We also produce condition surveys that provide you details of the current condition of your own property or future purchase. We also provide bespoke defect analysis surveys, this allows us to tailor the building survey to meet your requirements. 

Project management

Once defects have been found, we can manage the process of sourcing suitable contractors and project manage the repair works along with providing quality assurance. We also provide new build project management services from acting as the employers agent on design & builds or acting as the contract administrator. 


Frequently asked questions

If you are cutting into a party wall or building on your property boundary yes. You will also require a party wall award if you are building within three and six meters of the an adjoining property. In any case please call us so we can advise you further.

There are different levels of building surveys, the home buyers survey provides base level information. The building survey provides a more indepth and detailed survey. Depending on the level of information you require and budget. 

Building surveyors provide detailed knowledge of buildings. Understanding how buildings are made and common faults with period properties allows building surveyors to find and resolve building defects. Building surveyors also project manage projects from inception to completions.